16 must need apps for travelers

Nowadays is almost impossible go out without our phones, right? Can you imagine travel without it? I’m sure you can’t! But, do you know that our phones can help us a lot during our trip?

So, we decided do a list with 16 life safer apps that will make you vacation experience even better


· Skyscanner: the famous fly ticket search app has a huge number of airlines in it data base. It tells you when a ticket sale is happening and show you an graphic whit the tickets prices, so you can choose the best for you

· Voopter: this app is pretty similar to Skyscanner, but you can put four arrive dates and four departure dates. That way, Voopter will show you the cheapest option. It also has the alert tool, so you will never miss a ticket sale again

· Rentcars: app to search, compare and rent cars all over 200 countries. Great tip: rent a car will make your life pretty easier when in Orlando, cause the public transportation are not really good


· Pack Point: this app is perfect for people that can choose what to pack for vacations. The app will ask you for your destination, arrive and departure dates and what kind of trip it is (business trip, vacation trip…) and it will tell what you have to pack (clothes and accessories included), based on the wheatear forecast

· Award Wallet: it is an airline miles organizer. You register your miles programs and can keep checking it. The premium version tells you when your airline miles are about to expired

· TripIt: almost a travel guide at your phone! You register your reservation and the app will create an daily itinerary, including maps, restaurants options and wheatear forecast


· Yelp: based on your location, the app will show you restaurants, bars and diners options, with their work times, prices, rates and other user’s opinions

· Around Me: similar to the Yelp, but it also shows information about banks, ATMs, drugstores, markets, gas stations and more

· Happy Cow: we know how hard can be for vegetarians and vegans to find place to eat and shop. But, Happy Cow will help them a lot! The app shows a several restaurants and market vegetarians/vegans options


· Rome2Rio: the app will calculate the displacement and cost for choose plane, bus, car, train… and it also shows companies options for each transportation type

· Uber: we don’t have to talk a lot about this one, right? The well-known app is location based, so the user don’t have to make any change when in another town

· Galileo Offline Maps: this is the perfect app when you need a map and don’t have internet available. You just have to download the city map and use it even offline


· Exchange: great when you need to exchange money. It finds exchanges offices with the lowest price, based on user location

· Splitwise: everybody already experience the follow situation: you are traveling with a big group and different people pay for different things. When the trip is over, you don’t know how much you have to pay/receive and to/from who. That’s what Splitwise avoid. You just have to insert who pays for what and it will tell you how much each person has to pay

· Google Translate: this is another one who doesn’t need to be introduced. But, believe us, it doesn’t matter how good you speak the local language, soon or later you will need it

· Entrain: it is the only available just for iOS. The app will help you to minimize the jet lag effect, telling you when to expose to the light based on your biological clock

Now we want know: what do you think about those apps: Have you ever used any of them? Do you have a loved app that is not at the list? Tell us! Maybe you can help another one at theirs trip!

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