Top 10 roller coasters in Orlando

Today is National Roller Coaster Day and we will celebrate it with our top ten roller coasters in Orlando! There are wild ones, magic ones and options for all family, of course.

· Incredible Hulk (Universal’s Island of Adventure): with a series of heart-stopping elements, this roller coaster launches riders from 0 to 40mph in just 2 seconds, has 7 inversions, reaches a top speed of 67mph and gives you an insane experience. So, be prepared and go with empty pockets

· Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (Universal Studios Florida): if you are a Harry Potter fan, this roller coaster is a must do! With 3D elements, holograms, an escape from a dragon and “The one who shall not be named”. If you have problems with inversions and feel sick after a wild roller coaster, don’t worry, this one doesn’t have any

· Revenge of the Mummy (Universal Studios Florida): placing you right in the action, it launches rides from 0 to 45 mph in a matter of seconds. In a complete dark, tackle the army warrior of mummies as you soar through this spine-tingling ride. This is a non-inversion roller coaster

· Manta (SeaWorld): offers a unique take on thrill rides as the first "flying position" coaster in Florida. Riders can dive through four inversions face down and head first, while reaching a top speed of 56 mph

· The Dragon (Legoland): explore the Legoland Florida Resort castle on board this family-friendly indoor/outdoor steel roller coaster while you feel the breath of a dragon on your face

· SheiKra (Bush Gardens): This is one of the most famous roller coasters among the adrenaline lovers. With a ‘floorless’ car, which rushes past at speeds of up to 70 mph, passes through two loops, a vertical drop, an underground tunnel and a water feature finale, all within a half-mile of steel track

· Slink Dog Dash (Hollywood Studios): this brand new roller coaster is the big star of Toy Story Land. Take off on a coaster as Slinky Dog’s coils twist around curves, hills and drops

· Shamu Express (SeaWorld): this coaster is perfect for kids. They love the experience

to take a few mild swoops and dives at 28mph aboard Shamu's back

· Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom): the new roller coasters are amazing, but we love a good classic! The oldest coaster in Florida is a space-age setting, with single-file cars zoom around each other on the star-lit twisted mass of rails at a top speed of 28 mph

· Frozen Ever after (Epcot): you know your kids will love be right into Frozen’s world. The attraction takes you through the enchanted kingdom, while tells the tale of Arendelle and you meet the two princesses.

This is a list with just a few of our loved roller coaster, there are a lot more to explore in the magic world of Orlando.

But, tell us: what kind of roller coaster do you prefer? And which one is your favorite? Leave your top 10 at the comments!

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